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We tried Antonio’s Pizza on a Friday night around 6:30 because we needed a quick bite before heading out. Antonio’s is perfect for this. They usually have lots of pre-made pizzas lined up for display, and the only annoying part is that they all look so good! From the line you can see the chefs in the back creating the pizzas which gives the whole place a very authentic feel. It’s usually a fairly long line to order but they move quickly so be prepared when it’s your turn! After you order we recommend going and reserving a seat because space is limited. This is not a place to go and have a sit down dinner, it’s more a pick up and leave or a quick slice kind of deal. The pizza comes out quickly since most of the pizzas are already made, but they heat them up so they’re nice and warm. They’ll make you any kind of pizza on the menu even if it’s not already prepared (takes about 15 minutes). The pizza is a classic New York style. It has pretty thin crust that is soft enough to fold over when you pick it up. They offer a thick crust style, but we recommend sticking to the thin crust. They have a huge menu that ranges from the simple cheese pizza to the quesadilla. The pricing average is around $2.50, which for the quality of the pizza is pretty fair. When we went we tried the pesto chicken, avocado quesadilla, white pizza, and pesto tortellini. We know, not your average order. But this is the kind of mood Antonio’s puts you in. The people working there are all young and hip, very friendly, and open to questions. Also when you see all the pizzas lying out it takes some mystery out of the adventurous order. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve had the cheese and simple pizzas there before and they’re awesome, but we encourage you to try something different.

Here are our ratings (out of 10):
Avocado: We give it a 7.5, our friend gives it a 9
White: 6
Pesto Chicken: 9
Pesto Tortellini: Our friend gives it a 9
Service: 10
Atmosphere: 8.5

Overall if you’re looking for a quick slice of good pizza, Antonio’s is the place for you.